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Question Number 11009 by Joel576 last updated on 06/Mar/17
If  x^3  = y^3   Is it always true that x = y ?
$$\mathrm{If}\:\:{x}^{\mathrm{3}} \:=\:{y}^{\mathrm{3}} \\ $$$$\mathrm{Is}\:\mathrm{it}\:\mathrm{always}\:\mathrm{true}\:\mathrm{that}\:{x}\:=\:{y}\:? \\ $$
Answered by mrW1 last updated on 06/Mar/17
yes. function f(x)=x^3  is unique.
$${yes}.\:{function}\:{f}\left({x}\right)={x}^{\mathrm{3}} \:{is}\:{unique}. \\ $$
Commented by Joel576 last updated on 07/Mar/17
thank you very much
$${thank}\:{you}\:{very}\:{much} \\ $$

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