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Question Number 77143 by Boyka last updated on 03/Jan/20
Commented by mr W last updated on 04/Jan/20
Master sir:  if you don′t understand the answer  i have given in your earlier post,  you can tell me what you don′t  understand, instead of reposting  the same question with a new ID.  this forum is for EXCHANGING  and LEARNING.  but you seem not to be very interested  in exchanging and in learning.  what′s your purpose then? please  let us understand you sir!
$${Master}\:{sir}: \\ $$$${if}\:{you}\:{don}'{t}\:{understand}\:{the}\:{answer} \\ $$$${i}\:{have}\:{given}\:{in}\:{your}\:{earlier}\:{post}, \\ $$$${you}\:{can}\:{tell}\:{me}\:{what}\:{you}\:{don}'{t} \\ $$$${understand},\:{instead}\:{of}\:{reposting} \\ $$$${the}\:{same}\:{question}\:{with}\:{a}\:{new}\:{ID}. \\ $$$${this}\:{forum}\:{is}\:{for}\:{EXCHANGING} \\ $$$${and}\:{LEARNING}. \\ $$$${but}\:{you}\:{seem}\:{not}\:{to}\:{be}\:{very}\:{interested} \\ $$$${in}\:{exchanging}\:{and}\:{in}\:{learning}. \\ $$$${what}'{s}\:{your}\:{purpose}\:{then}?\:{please} \\ $$$${let}\:{us}\:{understand}\:{you}\:{sir}! \\ $$
Commented by Boyka last updated on 04/Jan/20
$$\mathrm{ok} \\ $$
Answered by $@ty@m123 last updated on 03/Jan/20
Q. No. 76948 reposted.
$${Q}.\:{No}.\:\mathrm{76948}\:{reposted}. \\ $$

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