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Question Number 11580 by Nayon last updated on 28/Mar/17
why (dy/dx)=(dy/du).(du/dx)
$${why}\:\frac{{dy}}{{dx}}=\frac{{dy}}{{du}}.\frac{{du}}{{dx}} \\ $$
Answered by mrW1 last updated on 28/Mar/17
the chain rule is one of the elementary  rules. you should know them, but    you don′t need to prove them. if  you want to know their proof, it′s better  when you consult a book or wikipedia  for more details.
$${the}\:{chain}\:{rule}\:{is}\:{one}\:{of}\:{the}\:{elementary} \\ $$$${rules}.\:{you}\:{should}\:{know}\:{them},\:{but}\:\: \\ $$$${you}\:{don}'{t}\:{need}\:{to}\:{prove}\:{them}.\:{if} \\ $$$${you}\:{want}\:{to}\:{know}\:{their}\:{proof},\:{it}'{s}\:{better} \\ $$$${when}\:{you}\:{consult}\:{a}\:{book}\:{or}\:{wikipedia} \\ $$$${for}\:{more}\:{details}. \\ $$

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