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There are two numbers n_(1 ) and n_(2      ) .  they are composed by three digits.  the sum of 3 digits that compose n_1    is  15. the first digit of n_(2 ) is the   second digit of n_1  and the first   digit of n_1  is also the second digit of  n_(2 ) . we know also that n_1  is a prime  number and we know also that n_1 is  divisible by 5 and n_1 −n_2 =306.    1) find n_1 and n_(2.)     Sorry, the first digit of n_(1 ) and n_2  is ≠0

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n_(1 ) is a prime number and divisible by 5   then n_1 =5. somthing went wrong.

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let n_1 = 100a+10b+c  we have:  a+b+c=15    (n_1  is divisible by 3)  and n_1  is prime so n_1 =003  however 0+0+3≠15  problem has no solution