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New version with search option  is now live on playstore. 2.087.  Search Option:  press funnel icon and select search  question.  While searching type the   of expression fully − especially  integral and summation.  ∫((sinx)/x) will not match with ∫_0 ^∞ ((sin x)/x)  ∫(√(tan x))dx will also match with∫(√(tanθ))dθ  (a/(b+c)) will also match with (x/(y+z)) etc    Reindexing is done once a day so  question posted recently will not  show in search results.

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This version did not add any new symbols. Will add those in future updates.

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Can we search by topic only  for example limit ; integral ;...etc  or symbole : ∫  or (d/dx) ...  thank you sir

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You can filter by topic by  clicking on funnel icon and tapping  selecting topic.  You can perform text search   with just ∫ sign but you are unlikely  to get useful result as text search  results are limited to 10 best  matches.  text search is when you want to  search for nearly same question.  If the search text is English only  text search is essentially a keyword  search.