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Some comments with inapproriate  language were deleted.  Kindly refrain from posting abusive  comments. Forum has been around  for a long time without these  occurrences.  Every new user, please scroll through  the previous posts and abide by the   established conventions followed by   everyone else.

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Those who are unknow and not exp−  eriencing the idiom εLet us save ourself  before God comes to save usε

Commented bymaths mind last updated on 01/Jul/20

i see some of this yesterday   i didnt understand no one know evrey thing we are here to shar   our ideas  befor all thing respect   Sorry for my english

Commented byDwaipayan Shikari last updated on 01/Jul/20

 With respect to all i want to say that This is a place for sharing math ideas.  But some of them are not using the general   rule to all. We are human beings . To err is human. So i kindly   request to all to be simple. If my words are not smooth for you ,  Then i am sorry.Thanking you

Commented bymr W last updated on 01/Jul/20

people with too much ego and arrogance  just contaminate the respectful and  peaceful climate which this community  used to have. if someone thinks he/she  is the best, the 100% perfect one and  attacks other people because they  mention the same what he/she has  said or give an answer that he/she  has given, then i think this forum is  simply not the right place for him/her.  i′m not happy, but also not sad, when  he/she leaves here. i′m quite sure  the earth won′t stop to rotate without  him/her!

Commented last updated on 02/Jul/20

′dear proph: MJS and dear proph:MrW  are always most respectable peoples   in this forum.they are our real masters.  and  they are always right.′  at first i liked  Mrw′s  comment and then  i read it.(Hi is always right)  thanks god for bieng of two humble proph:MJS and Mrw  in this forum.  certainly earth rotates with or without  selfish humans (but mybe  unhappy).