Question Number 101402 by 1549442205 last updated on 02/Jul/20

I desire the developmenter of this apps  improve adding some other functions  like as:choose whole text by tap in  text or choose some line at one time  has many colours more

Commented byTinku Tara last updated on 02/Jul/20

You can copy whole line, just  tap on side bar.  Selecting Text: Press SEL.   Tap and hold left or right key.  Cursor moves faster and you will  find that this method requires   less hand movement.  While drawing also you can bottom  bar button to change selections  edit, resize or place object.  In drawing view tap and hold  button for faster movement.  Tutorial video for drawing will  be available soon.  Color: Eight colors are available.  We will soon have option where  you can choose any color (offline  editor only). Forum will still allow  only 4 colors.

Commented byTinku Tara last updated on 03/Jul/20

So in summary:  Custom colors will be implemented.  Others: You need to provide more  clarifications before so that we know  that we are solving the right problem.

Commented byTinku Tara last updated on 04/Jul/20

Let me clarify: if you tap and hold  on any line. You will get option  to copy line. You can copy line  by tapping on sidebar as well.  For selecting everything there is an  option available press three vertical  dots at the top right corner and choose  copy all to buffer (whole text).  This was request recently and you  probably need to update app to  see this option.