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An electron moves in a vacuum between  two electrode having a p.d of 3000v, calculate  the velocity acquired by the electon if the ratio  of its charge to mass is 1.8×10^(11) Ckg^(−1)

Answered by ridwan balatif last updated on 31/Jan/17

Potensial energy of eletric=kinetik energy of electron  e.V=(1/2)mv^2   (e/m)=(v^2 /(2V))  v=(√((e/m)×2V))  (e/m)=1.8×10^(11) Ckg^(−1)   V=3000volt  v=(√(1.8×10^(11) ×2×3000))  v≈3.28×10^7 m/s

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i really appreciate sir. God bless you.