Question Number 102753 by Dwaipayan Shikari last updated on 11/Jul/20

A wedge has a weight of 9kg . And a block has a weight of 2kg  If the block starts sliding with an angle of 45° with the  horizontal then what is accelaration of the wedge?

Answered by mr W last updated on 11/Jul/20

N=mg cos θ−ma sin θ  Ma=N sin θ  Ma=(mg cos θ−ma sin θ) sin θ  (M+m sin^2  θ)a=mg sin θcos θ  ⇒a=((mg sin θ cos θ)/(M+m sin^2  θ))  =((2 g×(1/2))/(9+2×(1/2)))=(g/(10))