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2000g of water at 100°C is poured into a   copper calorimeter 150g of water at 10°C.  The temperature of the mixture is 45°C.  Calculate the thermal capaity of tbe vessel.  specific heat capacity of copper = 400  specific heat capacity of water = 4200

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To answer this question, you must using Azaz black  m_1 =2kg, △T_1 =100−45=55^o C, c=4200J/kg^o C(it′s releasing heat)→water  m_2 =0.15kg,△T_2 =45−10=35^o C, c=4200J/kg^o C(it′s accept heat)→water in calorimeter  Q_(releasing) =Q_(accept)   m_1 ×c×△T_1 =C_(calorimeter) ×△T_2 +m_2 ×c×△T_2   2×4200×55=C×35+0.15×4200×35  C=12570J/^o C

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I really appreciate your effort sir.   God bless you.