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Li(z)=∫_2 ^z (1/(ln t))dt  Li(a+ib)=R(∫_2 ^(a+ib) (1/(ln t))dt)+iI(∫_2 ^(a+ib) (1/(ln t))dt)  Can you explain me  how get the formula  for R(Li(z)) and  I(Li(z))?

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L_i (z) =∫_2 ^z  (dt/(lnt))   we take z =a+ib ⇒L_i (a+ib) =∫_2 ^(a+ib)  (dt/(lnt))  this integral is complex  so ∃ α and β from R /L_i (a+ib) =α +iβ  α =Re(∫_2 ^(a+ib)  (dt/(lnt))) and β =Im(∫_2 ^(a+ib)  (dt/(lnt)))  the problem here is how to find  α and β...!

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your cut is crying why...?

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Exatly, but I don′t know  how can we do that :/