Question Number 103703 by mohammad17 last updated on 16/Jul/20

if an object moves along a straight line   according to the relationship( x(t)=((1/2)t^2 −t+2))  find   (1) the average speed between (x=(3/2) , x=(7/2))  (2) the pelvic velocity between (x=(7/2))

Answered by Dwaipayan Shikari last updated on 16/Jul/20

Average velocity=((△S)/(△t))=(2/2)=1(m/s)  △S=2  (3/2)=(1/2)t_1 ^2 −t_1 +2  (at x=(3/2))  t_1 =1  (7/2)=(1/2)t_2 ^2 −t_2 +2  t_2 =3   so △t=2  Instantaneous speed   x=(7/2) is at t=3  ((d(x(t)))/dt)=t−1=3−1=2(m/s)