Question Number 104110 by joki last updated on 19/Jul/20

in a box A there are 3 red balls and 2 white  balls.while in box B there are 4 red balls and  5 white balls.if from boxA and B each are   taken two balls one by one with return . the   chance of being taken is one white ball?  a.(4/(675))     c.((128)/(675))      e.((218)/(675))  b.((64)/(675))      d.((184)/(675))

Answered by bobhans last updated on 19/Jul/20

case(1) (1w,1r)×(2r) ⇒2×((2/5))((3/5))((4/9))^2   = ((12×16)/(2025))  case(2) (2r)×(1r,1w)⇒2×((3/5))^2 ((4/9))((5/9))  = ((40×9)/(2025))  then probability p(E) = ((12×16+40×9)/(2025))=((184)/(675)) ■