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What is the GCD of   (1/2), (3/4), ((16)/(30)) ?

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Can you tell me what is brief  wordεGCMε?

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greatest common multiple?

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Perhaps you mean LCM   (least common multiple) or  GCD(greatest common  divisor).

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But LCM and GCD only say in  integers?Here all are fractions?

Answered by Rasheed.Sindhi last updated on 24/Jul/20

LCM of denominators=60  (1/2)=((30)/(60)) , (3/4)=((45)/(60)) ,((16)/(30))=((32)/(60))  Now GCD of numerators  30,45,32 =1  So GCD of the given fractions   is  (1/(60))   (We have 30 sixtieths,45 sixtieths  & 32 sixtieths.You can see that  1 sixtieth(1/60) is a common   divisor and it′s also greatest  common divisor,b/c there is no  common divisor greater than this.)