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pls suggest to me a meaningful nickname in  physics.

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Physics is nature′s law . It cannot be created or destroyed. In 15th century modern Thinkers   started to think something about realistic concepts. They refrained social backwardness and   started to think freely. First in Newton′s time ,there was a huge problem to determine  a body motion.In that time Newton formulated His laws of motion.  More Generally many other physicist started to give a standard set of motion  which we called ′Classical Mechanics′  They electricity and magentism were formulated.  And Then Quantum Mechanics  And Now going on.....    I think we know very little about the universe. We start thinking about the universe and its  mechanism by knowing some concepts(Quantum mechanics)  There are infinitely many rules which is undiscovered    We don′t know is there any God or Such heavenly rules .  So i think  the nickname of Physics should be′  The universal law′    We have given it such dangerous names and made it difficult to understand  to the common peoples.  I think Physics is just a name . There is an Infinte amount of facts which we don′t know .    We live in a small planet...