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Question Number 131162 by EDWIN88 last updated on 02/Feb/21
Five children sitting one behind  the other in a five seater merry−go−round  ,decide to switch seats so that each  child has new companion in front.  In how many ways can this be done?
$${Five}\:{children}\:{sitting}\:{one}\:{behind} \\ $$$${the}\:{other}\:{in}\:{a}\:{five}\:{seater}\:{merry}−{go}−{round} \\ $$$$,{decide}\:{to}\:{switch}\:{seats}\:{so}\:{that}\:{each} \\ $$$${child}\:{has}\:{new}\:{companion}\:{in}\:{front}. \\ $$$${In}\:{how}\:{many}\:{ways}\:{can}\:{this}\:{be}\:{done}? \\ $$
Commented by mr W last updated on 03/Feb/21
Commented by EDWIN88 last updated on 03/Feb/21
right, I get like that. but I doubt what the question asks for