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Question Number 69159 by Rio Michael last updated on 20/Sep/19
please help    A 7.38 g sample of magnesium sulfate MgSO_4 . X H_2 O lost 3.78g of  water on heating, find the value of X.
$${please}\:{help}\: \\ $$$$\:{A}\:\mathrm{7}.\mathrm{38}\:{g}\:{sample}\:{of}\:{magnesium}\:{sulfate}\:{MgSO}_{\mathrm{4}} .\:{X}\:{H}_{\mathrm{2}} {O}\:{lost}\:\mathrm{3}.\mathrm{78}{g}\:{of} \\ $$$${water}\:{on}\:{heating},\:{find}\:{the}\:{value}\:{of}\:{X}. \\ $$

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