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Question Number 131534 by mr W last updated on 06/Feb/21
Commented by mr W last updated on 05/Feb/21
find the radii of the inscribing and  the circumscribing sphere of a  tetrahedron with edge lengthes a,b,c,  p,q,r as shown.
$${find}\:{the}\:{radii}\:{of}\:{the}\:{inscribing}\:{and} \\ $$$${the}\:{circumscribing}\:{sphere}\:{of}\:{a} \\ $$$${tetrahedron}\:{with}\:{edge}\:{lengthes}\:{a},{b},{c}, \\ $$$${p},{q},{r}\:{as}\:{shown}. \\ $$
Commented by TheSupreme last updated on 05/Feb/21
V_i =(x_i ,y_i ,z_i )
$${V}_{{i}} =\left({x}_{{i}} ,{y}_{{i}} ,{z}_{{i}} \right) \\ $$

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