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Question Number 68327 by 9102176137086 last updated on 08/Sep/19
y=(1−2x^(−7) )^3
$${y}=\left(\mathrm{1}−\mathrm{2}{x}^{−\mathrm{7}} \right)^{\mathrm{3}} \\ $$
Answered by $@ty@m123 last updated on 09/Sep/19
Please do not spoil the flow of this forum  with a flood of similar questions.  See solved examples in your  text book or consult your teacher.  Don′t misuse this forum for  doing your homework.
$${Please}\:{do}\:{not}\:{spoil}\:{the}\:{flow}\:{of}\:{this}\:{forum} \\ $$$${with}\:{a}\:{flood}\:{of}\:{similar}\:{questions}. \\ $$$${See}\:{solved}\:{examples}\:{in}\:{your} \\ $$$${text}\:{book}\:{or}\:{consult}\:{your}\:{teacher}. \\ $$$${Don}'{t}\:{misuse}\:{this}\:{forum}\:{for} \\ $$$${doing}\:{your}\:{homework}. \\ $$

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